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Create amazing buying experiences like never before

Purpose-built for high quality, low latency 3D streaming

RTObjects is a premium marketing platform that helps marketers deliver interactive 3D content experiences to their target audience anywhere on the web. No app installs. No downloads.

Our cloud-based GPU technology enables rapid development of interactive 3D assets, optimised for realtime streaming within all standard IAB ad units.

Bringing the showroom experience direct to your customers

Our 3D production expertise and world-class streaming technology delivers the most engaging brand experiences currently available anywhere. Movie quality CGI combined with seamless interactivity will enable your customers to experience your brand online like never before.

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Features & benefits

No Content? No Problem

RTObjects works from existing 2D design assets to create a variety of high quality 3D graphics in a matter of days. Brief us Monday – go live by Friday.

Stable, Scaleable Platform

Our robust cloud GPU network can handle thousands of concurrent interactive experiences. World-class technology born from decades of experience in the gaming industry.

Flexible, Scaleable Delivery

Ready to integrate 3D streaming format with all leading ad servers and programmatic marketplaces. Customisable interactive experiences throughout the customer journey.

Create Once. Stream Everywhere

Maximise your ROI and benefit from cost savings by streaming 3D content to multiple channels. Reach customers in-store, on your website and through digital ad display.

Insightful, Smarter Analytics

Developed specifically for 3D environments, our reporting suite provides transparent in-depth measurement across a range of interactive elements.

Transparent Pricing

Contact the team today to discuss your brand marketing needs and discover how our platform can transform your ability to engage customers online.

What the market is saying

RTObjects is building the future of interactive digital advertising. This has the potential to move the engagement needle by the same amount as programmatic

Jon Sloneem, Director of Digital, Fallon


Of all the offerings in this space, yours is the most responsive

David Mattingly, Global Digital Manager, McLaren


This could be a huge game changer – from reducing cost and time to market for product sampling, to expanding our creative options for delivering branded content experiences to the end customer

Tim Phipps, Head of Wholesale, EMEA, Nike


Founded in 2015, RTObjects (Real Time Objects) is a first of its kind 3D streaming solution that enables brands, agencies and publishers to benefit from highly customisable interactive content experiences at scale.

Based in London and Brighton, the executive team at RTObjects have more than 50 years experience between them in high-performance gaming, 3D design, web streaming and ad-tech.

With backing from prominent tech industry investors and world-class (patent pending) streaming technology, some serious innovation is on the way.

Executive Team

Ian Monaghan
CEO & CO Founder

Eliot Stocker
CTO & Co-Founder

Barney Morgan
Head of Visualisation

Jason Ricks
Chief Commercial Officer

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